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I have been posting Georgia Nicols weekly column on this page for the past six years, because she did not have her own website. But now she does! So please bookmark Georgia's site and read your horoscopes there!

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Patsy Ann, Official Greeter of Juneau - Natal Chart Horoscope

Patsy Ann has both her Sun sign (the standard: 'hey, what's your sign?') and her Rising (how she appears to the outside world) in Libra. The Libra motto is 'harmony & balance' and that was certainly Patsy Ann.

SUN IN LIBRA: Harmony and balance are your keynotes. You prefer sharing and doing things together rather than on your own. Being alone feels very unnatural to you. Fairness and equality are extremely important to you.

LIBRA RISING: You have a strong desire for harmonious and pleasant relationships, and express a spirit of cooperation, compromise, friendship, and fairness.

Patsy Ann's Moon (her emotional makeup) is in Aquarius, which is probably how she left home. Patsy Ann was brought to Juneau as a family pet, but didn't much like being tied down and she promptly left the her benefactors every chance she got. They finally acquiesced.

MOON IN AQUARIUS: Family ties and attachments are not as important to you as they are to most people and you often consider your friends closer to you than your blood relatives. You insist upon a certain amount of independence and the freedom to pursue friendships with as many people as you choose.