What did things look like in the 1930's?

Think of how different it was from life today!

Cash Register

Ford Model T


This is a cash register from Patsy Ann's period. It was completely manual -- to make the amount show in the window, you have to hit a button -- like the way piano keys work.

And there were no such things as credit cards, let alone electronic banking on the internet!


This is a car from the past. It was built by the Ford Motor Company in the late 1920's, this car sold for $580 -- new!

These cars had no heater, air conditioner, defroster, radio, or turn signals. And you had to operate the windshield wipers by hand!




This is an antique phonograph -- it's how you played records in Patsy Ann's day. You would have to wind it up and then lift the arm to put the needle on the record. The sound came out of the horn.

There were no CD's, no graphic equalizers, no recording functions. This machine was not even electric!




This is an old telephone, like the first phones they used in Juneau. You had to lift up the receiver and wait for the operator. She would connect you to the party you wished to call.

There was no speed dial, no call waiting, no caller ID, no voice mail (and no modem lines for the internet)!