The DogStar Road Show

The Authors, Beverley & Chris Wood, and their bull terrier, Cato,
are available for school visits, library sessions and book signings.

Program Details:

Length: 1 - 1.5 hours (teacher's choice)
Size: Up to three full classes per session
Participants: Beverley, Chris and Cato* Wood

* Cato LOVES kids, LOVES attention, and
never fails to delight a school-aged audience.

To book The DogStar Road Show:

In Ontario and the North Eastern
United States, please contact:

Carrie Raybould
tel: (519) 927-3988

Other Bookings:

Please contact the authors directly.
tel: (604) 602-9361

We travel often and always with Cato.
Don't hesitate to get in touch!
(We live in Vancouver, BC)

School & Library Program Highlights
(If you would like a different focus, we would be happy to construct a custom program for your school or library.)

An author's life...times two: Who we are - Chris is Vancouver Bureau Chief for Maclean's Magazine, Beverley is a freelance writer and marketing consultant. Chris has been writing for 25 years and traveled much of the world in search of stories. He's also been a disc jockey and drainage tile installer. Beverley was Operations Manager for Maclean's magazine for 12 years before leaving to start her own consulting company in 1992. She's also been a blackjack dealer and a horse wrangler.

Where a book comes from: How we got the idea for DogStar - the story of Patsy Ann, Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska. How we developed the story and went about getting it down on paper. How we found a publisher and negotiated with editors, and what's involved AFTER you think you've reached "The End".
Props: early versions of the manuscript, as well as research material.

Reading: Bev and Chris (alternating) read two chapters from DogStar. We invite the teacher to choose the chapters. (Optional: can be lengthened or shortened according to class age and preference).

Spreading the word: An author's job doesn't end even after the book is published. What it takes to get a book noticed. We also talk about Patsy Ann's web site -
Props: Reviews of DogStar and news articles about Patsy Ann from Japan, Belgium, USA and Canada.

Q&A with the Kids: Always the most fun part of the program.

Catofest: Allow at least 10 minutes for children to gather around Cato and give everyone a chance to pat him -- there's always a crush of kids eager to touch him while he basks in the attention!

DogStar has been chosen as one of the Ontario Library Association's Silver Birch Reading selections for 1999. It has also been chosen by the New York Public Library as one of their "Books for the Teen Age, 1999" and will be on exhibit from March 13 - April 17. DogStar was also named one of three finalists for the Dog Writer's Association of America Fiction Award in 1999.

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