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Patsy Ann greets cruise ships

Hint: In Chapter 3, Jeff discovers Patsy Ann's statue. As his mother reads from the plaque, we learn the name of the Channel.

Comparison $20 bills

Hint: In Chapter 6, the mayor and the chief talk about this while Patsy Ann keeps her eyes on them.


Patsy Ann's downtown Juneau

Chapter 10 has Patsy Ann making her rounds of the local establishments.

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Question 1: What Channel of water leads to Juneau and Patsy Ann's statue?
Your answer:
Gaspe Channel
Gastineau Channel
Juneau Channel


Question 2: What is it about Jeff's money that gets him in trouble?

Your answer:

The printing
The lawn
The trees




Question 3: Who calls out to Patsy Ann when she stops to sniff at the totem poles outside the Nugget Shop?

Your answer:

Judge Burns

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