This is me as a puppy. I was born in June (I'm a Gemini) in Waco, Texas and moved to Vancouver when I was three months old.

Look at my nose. It didn't turn all black until I was about a year old!

When we moved to Vancouver, it was straight onto a boat...and then we found out that I couldn't really swim very well.

This is a picture of me flying through the air when I was a puppy! Wasn't I cute????

This is me going for my walk in the rain with Chris. I have a yellow slicker that keeps me dry.

It rains a lot in Vancouver in the winter. Chris has his red "full space man suit" to keep him dry.

I really don't like to get wet. I won't even walk in puddles, I jump over them!

I'm a pretty laid back dog -- I don't even care if the cat plays with my tail!

Sitting on people's laps is one of my favorite things...

This is a picture of me kissing a friend of mine named Innis. I love to meet people and give them big wet doggy kisses. I hope that I can come to a class visit at your school one day and meet YOU!

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