Book Reviews, DogStar

"The authors weave a fast paced, imaginative tale, filled with richly detailed characters and enough textured background to make readers feel at home at sea, underwater, in an Alaskan courtroom or anywhere else this book takes them. "

- Bruce Adelson, Children's Literature

"This book will be enjoyed by anyone old enough to understand the time travel concept and yearning for a bit of adventure. And if you happen to be a dog lover, it's a 'must read'."

- Cherry Valley Books (

"A great book for the whole family -- any age will enjoy this adventure, particularly dog lovers."

- Reader Review,

"Legend, time travel skillfully wed... plenty of action and historical detail."

- Winnipeg Free Press

"More plots twists than a Hardy Boys adventure in cyberspace...the authors expertly bring to life a time and place for their readers with fully-developed characters and lots of background detail."

- North Shore News

"A time-travel adventure story with emotional appeal for dog lovers."

- Booklist, American Library Association

"We sincerely believe that the book is a must-have for dog lovers of any age."

- Reader Review,

"...a feeling of bliss at the beautifully resolved ending. DogStar is a novel about the great love between humans and animals..."

- Vancouver Sun

"I was thoroughly entertained by this captivating novel. It is a boy and his dog story, a time travel tale and a grand adventure all rolled into one book..."


"...DogStar grows on the reader, and Patsy Annís doggy grin lingers long after the book is done."

- Quill & Quire

"...the Woods conducted careful research to create a historically convincing and accurate setting."

- Juneau Empire